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‘Leisurely parkside living’ is what Alveo Land would like to use to sum up the lifestyle experience that awaits you in Park Cascades. With that mind, you know that there are plenty of facilities and amenities that are available to use to make that experience possible. It is part of the masterplan concept for the entire development – not just within the building itself but within the entire community it is a part of.

To make the resort-style living possible, you can expect resort-like amenities that will provide you repose at the end of an exhausting day at work. It will also invigorate your spirit when you start your day! There are finely appointed areas throughout the community for social, interactive, and leisure use. Hence, you can choose according to what suits your needs and lifestyle. 

There are plenty of shared amenities available in Park Cascades, which are available for all unit owners. The central lobby is the main shared amenity available for use by the unit owners. It is where you can find the concierge that can provide assistance to your needs. The concierge is also available for guests who come into the building. The lobby area is beautifully decorated to set the tone for what the rest of the building looks and feels like. Hence, it is a crucial place to be that welcomes you in the moment you step into the building. Within the lobby area, you can also find your designated mail room. This is where you will find all of your mails such as billing statement, personal mails, and packages are sent through.

The list of shared amenities continues on with some business-like amenities. Thus, it reinforces the idea that Park Cascades is suitable for business professionals since there are plenty of facilities available for you to use. There is a Board Room and Function Room. Each of these facilities can be used as venues for business meetings, conferences, and other events.

But if you are seeking out lifestyle amenities, there are also plenty of those available at Park Cascades. The fitness gym is the first of these amenities. It is for free to use by the unit owners. You can therefore save on gym membership and have access to a fully-equipped gym that can meet your workout and fitness requirements. In addition to a gym, there is also a swimming pool available for when you want to relax after a tiring workout or during weekends when you want to enjoy a slow day. There are two types of pools available: a lounge pool and a lap pool. Hence, you will be able to choose according to whether you want to use swimming as an exercise or as a form of relaxation.

The other shared amenities available at Park Cascades by Alveo Land include the following: function deck, kid’s pool, open play lawn, playground, and outdoor lounge. There are also retail areas at the ground floor for your shopping convenience. 

The Park Cascades by Alveo Land development will have its own dedicated property management team. This will ensure that the daily services are properly managed and all of the facilities are well-maintained for the enjoyment of the residents who use them.

  • Central Lobby
  • Mail Room
  • Function Room
  • Function Deck
  • Boardroom
  • Gym
  • Lap Pool
  • Lounge Pool
  • Kid's Pool
  • Outdoor Lounge
  • Open Play Lawn
  • Playground
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